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  • 25 October 2023
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Hi all, 

Feeling a bit frustrated here. I’ve been trying to get trains tickets for after Dec 10th. Apparently the times were just downloaded yesterday. I was only able to get one purchase through. All of the rest are not going through. Getting error message with no explanation. Try later… Is this normal? This platform is not overly user friendly, Thanks for any advice. 


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6 replies

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yes is normal. Every year in december there is the timetable change for trains.

Keep in mind that you can reserve ticket also via other websites and you have not to use eurail/interrail. 

If you tell us what trains you need maybe we can help. Most train companies have started to sell tickets after timetable change.

Thank you. Since I purchased passes, how do you use the Eurail pass to purchase when you go through the site like Bahn? I need trains from Antwerp to Berlin. Berlin to Dresden and return. Paris, to Antwerp.

How do you get first class seats, I’ve not seen that option?

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For trains without mandatory reservations you go through the same process as someone with a regular ticket. Either you travel without a reservation (fine most of the time) or you make one by selecting the seat reservation only option. It costs a few € extra but it’s sometimes free (more below).

Optional reservations are free in 1st class when booked through the Austrian railway company OBB. Go to, add Interrail/Eurail as a discount and then select one-way tickets. Choose the connection you want (one train at a time) and then click on 1st class. You won’t have to enter payment details.

Seat reservations are not possible in Belgium and the Netherlands but there’s generally enough space, especially in 1st class.

Antwerp to Berlin is best done via 2 routes. Times subject to change due to plenty of works going on.

Option 1 :

  • IC Antwerp - Amsterdam Central 06:44 - 08:35 reservation not possible
  • IC Amsterdam Centraal - Berlin Hbf 09:10 - 15:25 free reservation OBB

Option 2 :

  • IC Antwerp - Bruxelles-Nord 09:25 - 09:59 or 09:37 - 10:22 reservation not possible
  • ICE Bruxelles-Nord - Köln Hbf 10:34 - 12:15 free reservation OBB
  • ICE Köln Hbf - Berlin Hbf 12:45 - 17:04 free reservation OBB

If you suddenly change plans it’s not an issue ! Simply get new free reservations :)

Btw there is also a night train between the 2 cities, run by European Sleeper (book there).

Use OBB for Berlin - Dresden. Reservations are optional and recommended at busy times.

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Now Paris - Antwerp is another story, there are mandatory reservations on high-speed trains in France (+ Spain and Italy but it doesn’t matter to you).

You can take the direct Eurostar (2h15 journey) for 32€ extra in 1st class. There’s however a very limited passholder quota (pretty much unique in Europe) so those trains sell out weeks in advance for passholders even though (expensive) tickets are still available…

Alternatives :

  • Paris - Brussels Eurostar (32€) : way more services so trains sell out later. Then there are multiple reservation-free trains to Antwerp.
  • Paris - Lille TGV : 10€ limited fare (but pretty much always available even last-minute), then 20€ in both classes. Afterwards hourly reservation-free Lille - Kortrijk - Antwerp IC. It takes longer (3h40) but gives a lot more flexibility and saves you money !

Book the Eurostar on (2€ fee per person per train) or on (4€ fee per order). Same thing for the TGV either or

Do not hesitate for questions !


WOWZERS!!!! Thanks so much for the very helpful information. I was able to get all the tickets I needed with the times I wanted. I couldnt have done it without your help. I certainly had a different impression of how things where. I have my rail pass, then I purchase reservations. I expected to do all on this site, but grateful for your help. I’ve been worried about this for a bit.  Now I can relax and thinking about my packing… 

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Glad it worked, enjoy your trip !

Usually it can be done on Eurail but it's certainly not the cheapest nor always reliable…

And then the yearly timetable change worsens everything