Transferring Interrail Eurostar reservation for use without an Interrail Pass

  • 10 March 2023
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I had bought a Global pass and made a Eurostar reservation for April 8th for 32 Euros.

I have now decided to travel without an Interrail Pass as I will be making only a few journeys and I hve already received a refund. However I would still like to travel on the Eurostar train that I booked. So am I able to use the Eurostar reservation I made?  Pay the difference somehow?   It will be about £65  Thank you


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2 replies

Thanks Anna.   No it wasn’t possible to transfer the reservation for Eurostar done through Interrail for use without the Pass, paying the difference.

I have since realised the Interrail Pass IS the best deal for me so I am purchaing another Pass and by doing that I can keep the reservation on Eurostar I have made!

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You need to contact Eurostar and ask if that is possible.