Travelling from Barcelona to Lisbon, no connections?

  • 30 March 2022
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Hi Community,

Im trying to find a connecting train between Barcelona and Lisbon, but the app can’t find any. Any of you experience with this route? Or how could i solve the problem?




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Spanish railways (RENFE) only share part of their timetables with the rest of the world, so any timetable is very incomplete for Spain, except for the RENFE website (quite clumsy to use) and Rail Europe (who somehow managed to get the long distance timetables).

You shouldn't use the app to plan anyway, since it doesn't get enough updates to be reliable (for the timetables it does contain). National websites and apps are more reliable, or the DB planner for international planning (with generally the same omissions as the rail planner app).

Since RENFE are quite customer-friendly, they also made travel to Portugal quite cumbersome. See Seat61 for the remaining options.

Very helpfull, thanks!

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With connections-yes, but not 1 but more. And can only -perhaps, maybe- be done in 1 day via a rather curious roundabout route-taking advantage of the new Hi-Speed lines. That means AVE to MADrid, with very early start!!, AVE to Vigo (change stations! short walk in between) and perhaps can catch the 2nd CelTa local to Porto then-most likely too late to reach Lisboa. Surcharges, not that low, for all AVE-together probably even more as a cheap flightticket