Why am I only finding overnight trains to reserve in Italy

  • 26 March 2022
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I've tried booking reservations from Venice to Milan on June 15th. The only time thar comes up is an overnight train that takes almost 20 hours. I can find plenty of trains available on the rail planner app but when I try to reserve them on eurails site only one night train comes uk


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Again some one who is too early. Remember this age-old rule from computers: you can only get out what someone has put in. TrenIT is notably delayed (as they are so often too with their treni) to the ideas of unknowing westerners, to their own idea there is not any reason to worry for treni after 4 monthes. 2 monthes is already enough. Plus that there is early june the change to summer timings-that will also delay further the final offer.

This is not about the cheapest airlineseat that you have to grab ASAP. Prices for just the REServ do not rise later. Apparently they are quite proud to have the overnight trains already in!

You can even save the 10€ for the frecce train by using the slower regionale, takes longer, change in Verona-then you do not even have to worry about it all!