Booking UK tickets to London St Pancras

  • 13 April 2024
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We’ve struggled to create a workable journey from our home to London St Pancras.

Repeated messages in Journey Planner indicated  - Sorry, no trains . . . .etc


We were using the station title of ‘St Pancras International’ 

- but that station name only works for trains leaving the UK .. which I guess is International.


For UK trains arriving into St Pancras, use ONLY London St Pancras.


Logical but we’ve  always called it St P Int’l.

Thanks to Mark, for putting us right

1 reply

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Please don't use the rail planner app or Interrail website to plan, since they're unreliable.

For the UK, check timetables on

To get journeys from/to London in the rail planner app when you travel, it's often best to use just "London”, without specifying a particular station. The planner will then look for the best one(s).