Should my ticket be scanned for each journey

  • 15 September 2023
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Hello everyone, I am planning to have my first Europe trip next month using the Global Pass. 

One of my journey is from Chur to Kilchberg Ch in Switzerland. There is supposed to be a transfer in Thalwil. However, the second leg from Thalwil to Kilchberg last only for 4 minutes.

In case the Ticket Inspector has not been checking my ticket during this journey, what should I do then? Is it ok if I left the ticket unchecked?

Many thanks in advance... 


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It does not matter at all. As long as the pass is used correctly (and you have reservations on trains that require them) that is all you need do. There is no requirement to have your ticket checked on every or indeed any train, you need only show it when requested.

Ticket checks are the responsibility of the train operator, some will be very quick to check all passengers, others only have random spot checks or rarely bother at all and everything in between.

You will find that on many occasions you take entire journeys without checks and others (depending on the country) where you need to show your ticket to enter the platforms and exit as well as on-board checks.

I.D. to match the details of the ticket will occasionally be asked for, Switzerland is one of the countries where this will probably happen, just have it handy but only show if asked for.