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  • 30 March 2023
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Hello all, we are a party of 3 (2 adults and a 16 yo child) from Indonesia. We plan to buy Eurail Global Pass for our June-July Europe trip. I need your help about reservations for FR and TGV Train within Italy, and from Milan-Paris, also Paris-Frankfurt. How can I do it? Can I have my friend who lives in Germany to do the reservation for us? If yes, please tell me how.

Is it better to buy mobile Eurail Global Pass now, or later when I arrive at Rome? But I am afraid if we do it later, the reservation is already full since the time is already near and we have the fixed date for our itinerary. All the accomodations have been booked too.

To make a train reservation, I think we need to have Eurail already, don’t we? 

I do appreciate all the suggestion and help. Thank you so much in advance.





3 replies

Thank you @thibcabe and @Angelo for your replies 

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keep in mind that the Frecciarossa service Milano-Torino-Lyon-Paris is not included in the pass. You can use the TGV Milano-Torino-Paris instead (compulsory reservation). 

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You can buy all these cross-border reservations on as soon as you've bought passes. Book these cross-border reservations in advance, they can sell out.

Eurail charges 2€ booking fee per person per journey.

Within Italy best use as there's no booking fee