from Milan to Bodoe

  • 24 May 2023
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I would like to go from Milan to Bodoe tomorrow night but in Eurail , l can not find the night trains in planner section.

Can anybody help me in this matter?

Thank you in advance 😀


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2 replies

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You mean Bodø in Norway, isn’t it?

That’s a very long journey, needing multiple trains (and days). This cannot be done by night trains in one go. Also, most night trains are sold out weeks before they leave. Night trains are very popular, but you can always ask availibility at the ticket counter or check online of course. You never know.

In Norway: If there’s still availability in the sleeper section, they usually announce it in the Norwegian night trains, enabling those who want to pay an upgrade.


The best advice is to split your journey up.


Try sticking these together

Milan-München* ; München - Copenhagen**; Copenhagen - Oslo, Oslo - Trondheim*, Trondheim - Bodø*

  • * Possible by night train
  • ** Night train possible for a part of the stretch.
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Bodø in Norway ? Which train couldn't you see ? Most night trains are surely full but you could maybe sit on a regular ICE between Munich and Hamburg.

How many days do you have on hand ?