How exactly do I book the Bernina express

  • 22 February 2023
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I can’t figure our how to book the Bernina Express using the App or the website. We are going from Zurich to Milan and we want to use the Bernina Express as part of that travel. When I put this in using the App I get all the various trains that go from Zurich to Milan. I then tried looking based on each segment i.e.,, Zurich to Chur; Chur to Tirano; and Tirano to Milan. However when I look at Chur to Tirano (the Bernina Express route) I get various train options and I don’t know which one is the Bernina Express. Any help would be appreciated.


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The view from the regional trains on the Bernina Express route are the same as on the Bernina Express. If you are travelling in May, depending on the weather, there might even be an open car on the regional train where you have an excellent view. 

There are also reservation free cars on the Bernina Express trains and those cars are usually less crowded than the panorama cars with reservation 

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I took the Bernina Express last month with an Interrail pass and just sat in the first carriage where the seats don’t require reservations. It’s a modern carriage with wide windows, tables, toilet etc. The carriages which require reservations have taller windows but - for the journey I took - were more crowded.


The train stops for 30mins in the middle at a view point with a café which is when I saw the other carriages.

Oh, yay… I was just asking a similar question… believing that the Bernina Express had a route of its very own, and nothing else covered the same tracks! 

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When are you travelling?

Best book these via the company itself, (Rhätische Bahn - RhB). I tried to look now, but the website seems to be down for maintenance so I can’t check for you at the moment. Both for the timetable of the Express, or the seat reservations.

Anyway, I would advice you to even avoid the Bernina express, and use the hourly regional trains. Same views, same route, minus the cost of a seat reservation, and much more flexibility to get on or off where you want to. :)

Thanks for the quick response. We will be travelling during the first week of May. I was able to find the Bernina Express in the Eurail timetable. As for the regional trains. Are you saying the parametric views are not worth the extra cost (~$25.00/per person)? That is the only reason we are considering this train.