Night train between Brussels and Innsbruck. 1 or 2 travel days

  • 12 April 2024
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I will plan my 1st train from Bruxel to Innsburk on 5 May. I have 7 days pass.

If I take overnight train to arrive on next day, I used 1day or 2 days which is right?

I've tried to book seats many times only to fail and was given attached screen.

I am so anxious about failing using Eurail pass.

Can l get helped in the train station on the spot?

Please help me.

Thank you for reading my article written in poor English.


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There is no direct night train from Bruxelles to Innsbruck.

Cheapest way is to go by reservation free IC to Amsterdam at 15.44 (later connections possible but more expensive) and from there by direct night train to Innsbruck. That way you'd need just one travel day.

Pay attention. For the faster Eurostar train you'd need an expensive reservation, the slower IC trains are hop on (you just need to add the train in your rail planner app).

You need to reserve the night train (just Amsterdam to Innsbruck) here: (choose your global pass as reduction first (tap change) and then buy ticket (not just reservation; tap find seevices).

In the rail planner app, search for Bruxelles to Amsterdam first and then for Amsterdam to Innsbruck. 

It's no good idea to try to buy the reservation at the station. Night trains are often sold out.

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You can also travel from Brussels to Düsseldorf or Cologne and board that night train there.