Planning first Interrail trip in 2024

A group of four of us are planning our first European rail trip in 2024.

Our initial route is as follows:

Friday 28 June - London St Pancras to Strasbourg

Day 2 - Strasbourg to Chur

Day 3 - Bernina Express to Tirano and onto Varenna

Day 6 - Varenna to Milan

Day 8 - Milan to Interlaken/Lauterbrunnen

Day 11 - Interlaken/Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne

Day 14 - Lucerne to Paris

Day 15 - Paris to London St Pancras

All of journeys look reasonably straightforward and the 7 day pass seems the best option.  

It would be great to hear any tips from more experienced travelers to make the most of our journey.  

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Nice straightforward route.

I can only add to reserve seats on your Eurostars (London-Paris/Lille/Brussels/Amsterdam or the other way around) as soon as possible, as they can sell out.

The route of the Bernina express can be done by hourly, reservation free, regional trains. Which offers you a lot more flexibility to stop somewhere and enjoy the views.

Avoid the extortionate reservation fees of TGV Lyria (direct trains Switzerland-Paris). Go by regional trains to Mulhouse, (or Lyon if you’re somewhere around Genève) and reserve a much cheaper TGV from there.

Guide on how to get your reservations:


Many thanks for the advice Brendan.