• 19 February 2024
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We are thinking about purchasing a Eurail Pass for our holiday later this year. When I look at Rome2Rio, the price for a mid morning fast train from Paris to Bordeaux (for example), is approx $100 AUD pp. By comparison, the price on the Rail Planner app is from Euro 12 pp. Please assist me to better understand how to access pricing on Rail Planner. Thank you. 


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The Rail planner does just show the supplements or reservation fees needed when holding a railpass. It doesn't show ticket prices.

Pricing for normal tickets should be checked with the railway company you'll take (not Rome2Rio), e.g. for Paris to Bordeaux But of course if you'll buy a railpass you won't need a normal ticket. Then you just need to pay for reservations / supplements (and there are places where you may buy it without booking fee; e.g. for Paris to Bordeaux it's just 10 € in fact).

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First things first, don't use Rome2Rio for planning. DB Navigator app (German railways) works well as it is connected to the European database.

For tickets look on the company's website as Hektor said.

For Eurail seat reservations prices you can use this guide :

100$ AUD would be the price of a regular ticket. The Eurail pass is your ticket, sometimes you need reservations on top of it.

Do not book through as the overview is confusing and they add 2€ fee per person per train. Rail Europe (desktop version) works well.