Reservations within Italy - Milan to Venice, Venice to Rome, Rome to Pompei, Naples to Florence

  • 27 March 2023
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What is the recommended website (or alternative method?) to make reservations for train journeys within Italy?

Would it be cheaper to do seat reservation at Italian train stations instead of pre-reserving online? Do they have Eurail quotas, so do we face the risk of not being able to reserve seats if we go to the station on the day?

Travel period: Late June to mid July
The sectors we are going on the train within Italy are:

Milan to Venice,
Venice to Rome,
Rome to Pompei,
Naples to Florence

Do the fast train between these cities always require seat reservations?


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Yes Frecciarossa trains need reservations (10€).


Please use


Hi @thibcabe,

I have attached a screenshot from
It doesn’t allow me to make a reservation


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To reserve Italian trains on oebb you need to add interrail/eurail as discount and search for tickets not seat reservations.


Thank you @Al_G for the clarification.

Do you know whether the seats can be reserved at the station?

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To answer your other questions;

All trains listed as Frecce… or InterCity require reservations. R and RE do not. Some routes have both types, on some the RE trains are not much slower.

They cost the same from Trenitalia ticket offices and there is no quota, as long as seats are available you can get reservations for passholders.

The only benefit of using a ticket office is that you should be able to choose specific seats.