TGV group booking Paris to Beziers

  • 24 February 2024
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Hi everyone

I am getting train Paris to Beziers on 24 May and hoping to reserve seats on 1442 TGV. I am travelling with my family plus 3 other families, 15 of us in total. 

I understood that TGV opened 90 days before travel...that would be today but it's not open yet.  

Also not sure of best way to ensure we can all sit together. 

I am anxious to book asap as other trains that day more lengthy journey. 

Any tips gratefully received

Thanks in advance


5 replies

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Bookings are released in batches because SNCF. Dates from 23rd May will be opened on 7th March. See :

Book through Rail Europe to avoid fees, have a look at :

You'll have to do multiple bookings (one per family so at least they're sitting together) or call SNCF :

Feedback appreciated. :)

This is extremely helpful thank you. If we wait until 7 March to book the return, do you have a sense of whether there would likely still be plenty seats available then? I'm wondering how quickly they sell out in holidays. 

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Trains never sell put immediately anyway, no to worry about that. If you make the reservations together, you'll be sitting close to each other.

Did you also check group tickets? Another way to ensure you'll be sitting together (but only if you haven't bought Interrail/Eurail passes already.

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Nobody will be able to book earlier than 7th March (whether tickets or passes) so I don't really understand the question.

It's not a holiday either, not in France at least.

All v helpful, many thanks everyone