Train Canellation Compensation

  • 9 January 2024
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I reserved a place on Eurail for an OBB Nightjet train but due to strikes my train ticket was cancelled. I ended up paying for a hotel and a flight from Berlin to Paris (my original train went from Berlin to Offenburg, then I reserved a ticket from Offenburg to Paris on TGV, all this was done on Eurail). Where do I submit my applications for a refund to, the ticket that Eurail gave me didn’t have a booking number that was valid on the DB website which I tried to apply for a compensation on. 


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You can get a full refund for your cancelled reservation from Eurail via this form:

In general, you get refunds from the place where you booked.

There were some trains from Berlin to Cologne and from there to Paris. There were possibly also other trains via Offenburg. Did you ask the DB staff what they proposed?