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  • 11 June 2024
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The Eurail Community is more than just a place to ask questions and share travel advice. You can also join our leaderboard by earning points and collecting digital badges!


Some of the badges you earn can be traded for discounts through our Community Rewards Program.


Currently there are three ways to earn badges that can be traded in for discounts. 

  1. Join our Innovation Train Group and participate in our user tests 
  2. Share your story with our Content Team. If your story is featured then you will earn the Storyteller badge. 
  3. Submit a travel recommendation to our community-created map. If your pin is accepted and added to the map you will earn the Travel Guide Badge. 

How it works? 

If you earn any of these badges you can mix and match badges and trade them in for a discount.

1 Badge = no discount yet

2 Badges = 40EUR discount code (in exchange for 2 badges)

3 Badges = 60EUR discount code (in exchange for 3 badges)


A few rules:

  1. When you trade your badges for a discount code, your 2 or 3 badges will be revoked.
  2. You can only earn a discount code twice a year.
  3. Discounts cannot be combined.
  4. The redemption period is 3 months. Badges do not expire.


Badges 🏅

  • Innovation train level 1: Earn this badge after participating in 1 user test or interview with our research team.
  • Innovation train level 2: Earn this badge after participating in 2 user tests or interviews with our research team.
  • Innovation Train King badge: Earn this badge after participating in 3 user tests or interviews with our research team.
  • Storyteller badge: Earn this badge when you share your story with our content team and participate in an interview with a Eurail writer. 
  • Travel Guide badge: Earn this badge when your pin submission is added to our community-created map. 


Innovation Train Badges will be assigned to participants manually within 2 working days after tests and interviews. If you have earned 2 or 3 badges and would like to exchange them for a discount code, please send an email to with your name and email address.


Prize Draw :gift:

Twice a year (End of June and December), we'll give away two 2nd Class Global Passes for 7 days travel in 1 month to one of the members who participated in an Innovation Train session at least once in the first or last 6 months of the year. The winners will be picked randomly and announced in this group. 

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