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Hello, I'm starting an interrail on July 5th and I have several questions.

The pass I have is the 7-day pass in 1 monnth, and although the day I start the trip is the 5th, the first train is taken on July 7th, so when it comes to activating the pass I have to activate it for the 7th as the first day of the trip, right? Or can I put the 5th and that won't count as a travel day?

And then, the first trip is from Amsterdam to Berlin, a few weeks ago I saw a train that I liked in the eurrail app but now it doesn't leave. However, on the website of the DB railway company if it comes out for that time, I would like to know a few things about this

1- How can I know if that train is included in the pass? Because it doesn't come out on the schedule

2- Can you make a reservation in DB if I haven't activated the pass yet? Or first I have to activate the pass and then get on the DB website to book


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Thank you so much. 

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If you take the first train on the 7th, there is no reason to activate it earlier. The only reason would be if you are getting a discount with your pass. That doesn't need a valid travel day but the validity period must have started.

As to trains that do not appear in the app and appear on the operator's website: the operator will most likely be correct. The app is only updated once or twice per month so it is often outdated. Check for app updates shortly before you travel; if the train still doesn't show, then add it manually.

  1. In most cases, the app will say "Not in pass network”, although there are sometimes mistakes. The included operators are also mentioned on the country pages and on the page with included railway companies.
  2. You can book reservations anywhere you like and without activating the pass. DB won't know at all whether you have a pass. Anyone can book reservations there. If you just want to book 1 train, then using is cheaper: €3 in 2nd class, €0 in 1st class: add the Interrail/Eurail discount and then choose "One-way tickets”.