Accidentally bought the wrong pass and used some of it already - and now I cant use the rest of it as planned due to the wrong pass

  • 15 January 2024
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I accidently bought an Interrail pass instead of a Eurorail pass. I am not a European citizen and therefore should have the Eurorail pass.

I did not notice and I already traveled 2/4 days in Europe using this pass.  Now I am trying to travel and I see that the trips I planned are not possible because of an inbound/outbound rule.  May I switch my pass to the correct pass for Eurorail for the remaining two days? I have used Eurorail before, and purchasing the Interrail was a genuine error.  I should not be able to even purchase this pass as a US citizen. I used my US passport numbers when purchasing the pass.  


I travel in 2 days and I contacted the chat using the support but only received automated response answers. What do I do? I need to be able to complete this route. 


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Contact customer service immediately to ask what's possible:

Mention your pass number and when you next journey with the pass will be.

They might offer to make the current pass invalid if you buy another one, with a partial refund. You will probably have to send photo/scan of your non-European passport. Whether buying a new pass is good idea for you will depend on how much you still want to travel in Germany.

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(Since it's a genuine error which you can explain to staff if needed + you still have a valid ticket, I would continue using it in my opinion.

Did you have issues until now ? Staff rarely look at your passport and even then they'd check first/last names and date of birth.)

EDIT : My bad, didn't read about the inbound/outbound issues. Which country did you choose as your country of residence ? Then yes it could be an issue as you won't be able to log those trains.

You could contact and mention "URGENT" in the header.

I never had issues until now, but I see that due to the inbound/outbound rules, the trip I want to take says that can not use my pass again in the country. (Germany)

I am worried that the train conductor in this country will scan my pass and say that my ticket is not valid here.  Does that happen? Or will they just see that I have an interrail pass?

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Yeah my bad, I edited my post.

Which country did you select as your residence ? EDIT : Germany, okay.

Which journeys are you looking to make ? If nothing works it might be useful to get the Deutschlandticket for 49€ : a month of travel on all regional trains, trams, buses, subways basically. But of course that's a last-minute solution.

The system will block you from adding a train in your country of residence so it could be complicated to show staff you have a valid ticket.

Of course explaining the situation generally helps but you can always find strict staff.

While adding a pass day you also have to agree on using an inbound/outbound journey. Didn't this happen to you?

I think I must have selected Germany - I am trying to go from Nuremberg to Berlin in 2 days

I did happen to me that I had to agree on the inbound/outbound trip but I was confused and did not think anything of it when it happened.


The Deutschland ticket is not valid on ICE trains, which I would need to use to complete my trip (its a timing issue to make another connecting train)


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Yes it's not valid on ICEs. The journey is doable on regional trains but it'd take quite long for sure. Otherwise there are ICE tickets for 52-80€ (depending on time) if nothing can be done.

We'll wait until the morning to see if our expert @rvdborgt and 2 Eurail staff @Camilo. @Mukhammad have more knowledge on this situation.

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Hi @thibcabe & @jenbild10 , as what @rvdborgt explained, the only solution is by contacting our customer service team