Am I doing everything right?

  • 21 December 2023
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I am travelling saturday morning (in 36 jours) from Lyon to Zürich and then have my intinerary planned. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

So tomorrow I just have to go to the train station and find the train I saw on my interrail app and saved in « my trip » then simply hop on the train ? If someone talks to me on board, I just have to show them the QR code on the app for that trip since it’s marked that « seat reservations are optional » right? That’s it?

Is there anything else I have to know or do? Do I need to print something ? All the trains I chose do not require seat reservation and I am planning to buy an external battery to make sure I always have my data for controls.


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Yes that's pretty much it. Activate the pass on the day when you're sure you're getting on a train (you must add an ID/passport number), then flick the yellow toggle next to the train and you'll get the QR code ! Feel free to add/remove trains along the way, you get that flexibility with Interrail (when reservations aren't required).

TER trains and all Swiss trains do not require reservations. Hop on and sit wherever you want. As a tip : the front/rear ends of the train are always less busy -> people are lazy and board in the middle.

Some extra info :

Assuming you're travelling via Geneva you've got 2 options to get to Zurich :

- IC1 (route number) leaving at xx:42 : hourly, very long trains -> go to the end (personal experience)

- IC5 leaving at xx:15 : running either in single or double units. Single units can be very busy so if that's the case I'd recommend getting IC1. Check the train composition on SBB app : 7 carriages = single/14 = double.

Both routes are scenic but you'll stay in the lowlands nonetheless.

Feel free to ask more questions. Enjoy your trip !