Are there annual Eurail/Interrail price increases - if so, when?

  • 24 November 2022
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I realise the answer is likely “not set in stone”, so this question really goes out to anyone with long standing knowledge of the pricing of the Eurail/Interrail passes.

Clearly the price will go up over time. And the 11 month validity makes it possible to buy the passes well in advance. So, I’m contemplating buying passes for the family for travel in Italy next May - in case the price is hiked in the meantime.

Anyone forum sages able to take an educated guess when the next price increase might be?

Many thanks.



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4 replies

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Eurail/Interrail prices usually change on January 1st.

There may also be a sale in December - if there is one, expect 10% off.

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On failbook it was said there will be the ´usual´ pass ale-10% off, valid the usual 11 month-late dec-and as prices go up on 1/1-wait till then, if this does not come along after all, you still at least gain current in lieu of new prices. Most railways have announced fairly high rises for local tix-in line with current inflation everywhere, so I would expect at least like 3-5/6% up.

BUT as prices are always set in € the then acting rate of exch €-GBP may thwart all this. (GBP may fall drastic-or not-noone knows now-blame your own govmt that changes every 2nd week or so for that.

Thanks for the excellent replies. That’s the information I was hoping for.

We’re not starting our trip til late May, so the present 20% sale doesn’t apply - as it requires travel to start by 1st May.

And we also have a € account, so not fully at the mercy of £/€ exchange rate moves. And as stated, no-one knows which way, or by how much, this might move - so can’t really factor it in to my thinking.


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Right now there is a sale, 20% off, on the 15 days, 22 days and 1 month pass. The passes have to be activated no later than 1st of May 2023 so if you are travelling in May next year this might be interesting for you.