Broken phone, need to transfer pass, already travelling

  • 6 July 2022
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My phone broke yesterday and I had to factory reset it. I redownloaded the interrail app but can't add my global pass as it says it's already been activated on a different device. I contacted customer services via the form on the website yesterday but I've had no reply. I am already travelling (first travel day was 3/7/22) and ended up having to pay cash for a train ticket this morning. I sent an email today also but no reply to that either. I URGENTLY need to access my pass again as I need to travel again tomorrow (7/7/22). 

Thank you,

Rowen Morris Lancashire

(Edit: I'm using my partner's phone to post this so that's why it's showing as posted from her account)



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UPDATE: literally as I'd just posted this, I had a reply to my email and I've now managed to add my pass again, thank god!! All is good now, phew. You can disregard my post! Thanks :D