Can I buy the Interrail pass if I am in France on a Work/Travel Visa?

  • 10 May 2022
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The point of my visa is to explore France and the EU with ability to work if I choose so. I am also going to school in France starting in September. I live perminently in France for the next year at least. I should be eligible for the pass but in the terms and conditions it says you can’t use a Visa to buy?

How can I buy a pass?  I am Canadian just by the way.


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Hi @i-walker 

If you are an official resident in any European country, you are entitled to buy the Interrail Pass. If you are a Canadian citizen without official residence in France, you can buy the Eurail pass, which allows you to travel within 33 countries. 

Have a lovely day!

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EUrail gives you more chance to also use it IN FRance-on that dreaded SNCF with all its pesky REServ etc (but then VIA Canuck also wants that for most lines and these run much less often). IR only 2 days to also use in homecountry.

Your passpt is likely canuck and if it has no special stamps etc to show that the French burocratic govmt allows you to stay, no one can tell.

De Quebec? THere are quite some differences between spoken french there and in that ´hexagone´ on the continent of EUR