Can I use the inbound/outbound journey at any time during my trip?

  • 1 July 2021
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I'm new to interrail and have two questions that I can't find an answer to so please help ;-))


  1. Can the inbound / outbound journey be at any time of my interrail? so say I go to Italy by car and then start from there and then at some point in the middle, say day 5, I travel into my home country (Germany) and then have the outbound on day 6? and at the end of my interrail I would just go back to Germany by car again.
  2. When I go from Italy to lets say the Netherland I would need to change trains in Germany to get there. Does that count as travelling in my own country or is that irrelevant because my home country wouldn't be my final destination?


Hope I made myself kind of clear and am thankful for any advice. Greta


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Hi, the inbound and outbound travel days can indeed be used at any time, in any  order. 

Regarding your second question, If you are travelling within your own country, despite you are '’only'’ crossing the country, it is counted as an in/outbound trip. If you have more trips in Germany than only 2, I would encourage you to use the in and outbound/ trip of your Pass for the longest train rides, and purchase point to point tickets for the others. 

Cheers, :relaxed:



I have a NS ( dutch) rail  pass in my own country which allows me unlimited travel in my country.

My question is if  this pass also  covers my inbound/ outbound interrail travel?


e.g going from Breda in Holland (last train stop in Holland) to Noordenkempen ( first train stop in Belgium ) :


is this a seperate train  ticket ( assuming first inbound/outbound travel already jas occurred) ?


is it covered by my dutch rail pass? 


please advise, 


thank you



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Your dutch railpass is valid till the Virtual borderpoint on the tracks :) However the Railplannerapp of Eurail doesn´t recognise these Virtual Border points :/

Your options you book on the International section of NS a ticket to the first foreign station and select 100% discount within Netherlands so you just pay the fee Cents/Euro´s from the Virtual Railborderpoint to the Station and could start useing your Interrailpass from there if you already used your Inbound/Outbound Journeys :)

Thank you!

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Hi Greta,

  1. Absolutely. That is a 100% legitimate way to use your inbound/outbound travel days.
  2. I’m not sure you would get away with that unfortunately (though I could be wrong). Ostensibly the only reason inbound and outbound travel days are given at all is to facilitate your travels abroad, so the same kind of necessity wouldn’t be an acceptable pretext for any third usage. Of course if you didn’t stop overnight as you suggested in Point 1, you would still have the second travel day available for a second crossing, so you would be able to go from Italy to the Netherlands via Germany, and then from the Netherlands to, say, Denmark also via Germany.

Hope this helps,


  1. Yes, the inbound and outbound trip can take place at any time, in any order. This mean in your case: You can travel once from Germany and once into Germany EACH day of your travel days.
  2.  As long as the starting point and final destination DECLARED in the “my trip” section are both not in Germany, there shold be no legal trouble for you. If you got some exchanges with the insector anyway, just explain.