Cancel outbound/inbound journey on same day

  • 15 April 2022
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I bought the global Pass and now I have a big problem, please help me!


Actually, I had planned to start my journey today. (Bremen - Barcelona) However, I got a message from one of the train companies that the train leaves at a different time than the one shown in the Interrail app. This would mean that I won't be able to catch all the connecting trains. Therefore, I had to reschedule my trip and I will now start my journey tomorrow (16.04.22) at night. Now I can no longer deactivate my outbound/inbound journey today, although I will not be travelling at all today. However, I still need this outbound/inbound for coming home at the end of the holiday.
Please help me delete today's travel day, this is just not fair. 

I am grateful for any help!
Thank you very much!



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This can only be done via customer service. They can cancel your travel day and inbound/outbound journey. Or add an extra one if that's easier.

For next times:

  1. Do not use the app to plan. It is not reliable because it does not get enough updates (only about 1/month). Use national planners and websites. For international planning, the DB website or DB Navigator app are good. They have about th same coverage as the rail planner app but are updated twice/week.
  2. Only activate a travel day (that includes adding a journey to My Pass) when your sur you're going to use it. As you see, if you change plans and don't deactivate before the travel day, then you can't cancel it anymore.