Canceled train and pass deactivation

  • 14 July 2022
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We had a trip planned on the 6th to go to from NL to Spain. On the 5th at 18:30 we get an email that the french rails are on strike the next day (our travel day) and we see that our train is canceled. Now it’s impossible for us to travel anymore because 3/5 trains were canceled and everything was fully booked everywhere.

We went to the central station on the 6th very early in the morning to see if there’s any chance to get another connection but no success. We cancel the entire trip and we notice that we cannot deactivate the pass.

The problem now is that we contacted interrail a bunch of times and after an initial reply from them they ghosted us. It’s been a week and no answer after multiple other attempts to reach them.

This is really frustrating, we don’t want any sort of refund just a deactivation so that we can use the passes later. We never scanned our passes anywhere and everything is just going to waste.

Any advice on how to proceed? 


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For any future travellers: NEVER activate your pass in advance, precisely because you can't deactivate anymore if something happens on your start date.

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In the event of strikes/cancellations/delays you can either contact customer service on (Interrail) or or you can fill out this form: Delay Compensation ( Our customer service team does currently have a delayed response time due to a high volume of requests but we hope to assist all affected travelers asap.