Cant delete trips on website, cannot make reservations for my real trip

  • 18 May 2022
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Hi! My pass in the name NIKOLAOS RACHIOTIS is not activated and is valid until 30/9/22. There had been another trip that is now named “this one should be deleted “ the pass was NEVER activated but I cannot delete the trip and it has made the pass expiration date earlier and therefore I cannot make reservations for the trip I need to. The app deleted it but the site does not let me. Please help me, I need to do the reservations and I can’t


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6 replies

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Where is the trip you are referring to? Is that on the Interrail website or in the app?

It is in the website. My app has one trip, the website 2. I can’t delete the one from the website that is named this way and has changed my expiration date. 

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I'd say just create a new trip on the website. Or change the pass data in one of the existing ones, if that's possible. If you have no start date yet: it is possible to indicate that on the website.

The problem is they it gets the older one. So, I cannot make reservations 

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I have multiple trips in my account, including a number of expired ones.

Do you have a trip in your account that is currently valid?

Alternatively, if you mention the train(s) you want to book (origin, destination, date, departure time), then people can suggest other places to book them.

Hello Niko, thank you for your question and please excuse my late response. I am sorry to read this! 

You can indeed create multiple trips on the website. When visiting the reservations page, you will be able to choose the trip you want:

Choose your trip and travelers

Select the trip and travelers you'd like to book seat reservations for

Book your reservations (

Please let me know if you are still having issues or if you need further assistance.


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