Delay compensation plus loss of (inbound/outbound) travel day

  • 23 December 2022
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Hi all, yesterday I activated my month pass, and planned on traveling from Rome to Amsterdam through Milan and Frankfurt. However, a delayed train in Rome caused me to miss my transfer in Milan. It was therefore already impossible for me to travel to the Netherlands by train that day. Since I decided to stay in Rome, is there a way for me to get my (inbound/outbound) travel day back, and the costs for the reservations that were made on the other trains that I was supposed to take yesterday? It was my first ever attempt at using interrail, so I’m not very aware of the rights that I currently have. Thank you!


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As Trenitalia had the Delay they should arrange your Journey onwards and if needed even provide you  a place to Stay :) This European Law (sometimes difficult to convince the rail staff) but finally you have the  Law on your side.

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EU Regulation 1371/2007 applies, in particular articles 16 and 18. The railway on the spot (here: Trenitalia) is obliged to assist you. They have to propose an onward journey without extra costs (and that also means without using any new travel day or inbound/outbound journey). If you get stranded, the railway there must offer overnight accommodation (and then it's a good thing if you can show you were delayed).