disabled carers pass and nightjet question

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi there, I have a few questions before I purchase my passes, could anyone help?

1. I'm a disabled mum with two children and need to have a carer with us, how do I apply for a carer pass? I can't seem to get hold of anyone, I've tried emails, chat bots, dead phone numbers, everything. Obviously I don't want to purchase my pass unless I know I can actually use it and don't know what to do!?


2. I've been trying to look at reserving seats for the nightjet Amsterdam-Zurich on the 25th July, I've tried the obb website and the interrail app but when I try to do seat reservations only it just comes up "ticket not available" I can however book a full price ticket without using the interrail card so the train must be running?? How do I book a couchette for this train?


Many thanks in advance




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You can book these reservations without having a pass.

There is no public phone number indeed. Normally, customer service does indeed respond after a few days but since April, it seems they've been inundated with requests.

Oh amazing thank you thank you! Yes I can see how to reserve now, brilliant. But now I'm in a real quandary, we don't go until July but I wanted to make sure we had all our reservations early because I have some extra needs so need to make sure everything is in place. But without the carer pass can I still book the seat reservations for all of us (including my carer) just on the hope they get back to me and issue an extra pass?! I kinda just wanted all the passes issued and in the app before I started reserving seats!


I'm surprised at the lack of a way to actually contact interrail, there seems to be no phone numbers or anything, how would a passenger who was blind supposed to manage this system? Seems incredibly difficult!   

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The seats in the night train Amsterdam - Zürich run as a separate IC (although they're in the same train). You can book them via ÖBB if you choose "Seat only”. You'll see both the NJ (with couchettes and sleepers) and the IC (seats) with departure time at 20:30. Choose the IC; seat reservations (optional) are 3€.

As to the carer pass: the customer service should handle that but they're currently very busy and seem to take weeks for non-urgent requests. When do you start your trip and did you mention that to customer service?