Do we have select the nights spend in each city or only the duration of the trip? What pass is best?

I’m interested in doing a trip through Portugal, starting from Barcelona. The trip would start on Barcelona to Porto (the idea is to stay for 4 days in Porto), then we’ll go to Lisbon (the idea is to stay for 3 days), and as the last destination we would visit Faro (the idea is to stay for 2 days). Counting one day for the trip BARCELONA-PORTUGAL and one day back to BARCELONA. We do not know if we have to select the nights we want to spend in each city or only the duration of the trip. We also do not know what pass/ticket is more suitable for our case. We accept any recommendations. 

Also if you could inform us for any COVID regulations for the travel on the train and also the COVID  regulations of PORTUGAL, we will appreciate very much!

Thanks for your time. We’ll wait for your response.
Mar Alonso 

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A PASS is a very bad idea for this-it limits you to only 2 days in ES=home country and the schedules of RENFE simply do NOT allow you to do this trip in 1 day! It is simply now an utmost bad connection-an ALSA bus is likely a much better alternative.

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For COVID requirements, please check

Not sure if a pass is the best solution. You'd better check prices., e.g. via and compare them with a pass plus reservations.