Does IC 60403 only use one travel day just like NJ403?

  • 10 March 2023
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Hey all,

I want to go From Amsterdam to Zurich with IC 60403. This train departs Amsterdam 20:28 and arrives at 8:05. Does this trip use only one travel day just like NJ403? Because it isn't a Nightjet in the travel planner. Would love to hear your answers. 



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2 replies

Thanks so much for your quick reply!

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Yes it does count as one day as long as you're boarding before midnight.

Btw the seating coaches (IC60403) are coupled to the couchette/sleeper coaches (NJ403). It's the same train but you don't need a reservation for the seats unlike the couchettes and sleepers.

It's up to you now to choose which you prefer…

If you decide on the Nightjet please book early, it is sold out a long time in advance


Just a quick note : the Interrail Rail Planner is not the most accurate planner at all, it is updated once a month. Use or each companies' website