Does wrong birthday on pass matter?

  • 3 December 2022
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Hello all,

Does it matter if my birthday is one day off on my printed pass?  


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2 replies

@Deb and Bill please contact our customer service:

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THis is reported here about daily-always from US/CA or from the other side of the world-AU+NZ. has to do that site sets the times you are in to those in EUR at the time-so when you do late eve its already next day in EUR. The same thing can happen when you try to RES via that app/site. That is one major reason why we warn anyone to not activate when really ready to use-here. It is also, contrary to what all newbees think, not needed to activate to make those precious RES.

YOu can contact service via a special form to change it-they must be very well used to it.

Now of course anyone with the MIN of brains ask why they do this idiot way: you have to ask them that. Make more complaints-maybe at last the ball starts rolling by them………..