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  • 29 March 2022
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I have a question about the Electronic Global Pass. I travelled last month with my global pass.

In the Railplanner App you can enter a trip for the pass. The trip will be on the ticket. The ticket inspector will scan the barcode on your ticket and will check if the train you are on has been added to your ticket. 


Now i have te following situation.

I made a trip from Munster (Germany) via Munich to Innsbruck (Austria). I had it in one trip.

The problem was with the train from Munster to Munich which ends (because of a delay) in Stuttgart (next stops where cancelled).  In Stuttgart i had to take another train. 

The problem is i couldn’t change the trip (only delete it).  And i also couldn’t add another trip from Stuttgart to Munich to my Pass. I don’t know the error but i think it was something like an overlapping trip can not be added.

I know deleted de complete trip and added new trips (the previous trains en the new trains).

Did i something wrong ?   I think it must be possible to change a trip (e.g. end-station). 




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You can delete complete journeys or trains from a journey but not part of a train. And indeed you can't add overlapping journeys to your pass. If you add a train manually though, you can add overlapping journeys. But that would not be needed in this case. You can delete the train that was cancelled after Stuttgart, add it back but then only until Stuttgart and then add the following trains normally.