[Emergency] Paid for mobile eurail pass, but didn't receive the confirmation email and cannot find any orders in my account

  • 16 November 2022
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Dear eurail support team,

@Nanja @Leo @Annie. 


(Our trip will start in 2 days!)


We paid for the mobile eurail pass 8 hours ago (around 14:00 UTC, 11/16) using the debit card.

Still we did not receive any confirmation email. Besides, any orders cannot be found in the account information.. However, there is a confirmation that we already paid for the pass by the history of the debit card. Would you check what is the problem and what we should do?


When you contact me (DM?), I can give our eurail account and order details,





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4 replies

@wj777 Hello! I am sorry to read this! Our team is currently handling your request. Thank you for your patience and consideration!

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Kon nichi wa!

You have to realise these people work the normal EUR office hrs- 6 ot 7 hrs later as it is in Nihon.


Hi @Al_G, I also submitted my claim to the same link 8 hours ago. Thank you for your reply.


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You should contact support directly using this link providing all relevant details.