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  • 14 February 2023
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I am visiting Europe from Canada, and travelling from Dortmund, Germany all the way down to Interlaken, Switzerland. I then plan on travelling East to Austria, to Innsbruck, a small town called Kufstein, and Salzburg. 

I am asking for confirmation that the Eurail pass (15 travel days within 2 months), works in most major train stations in most cities. For example, the Netherlands uses the NS system to travel by train. Does the Eurail pass work here too? 

I just want to ensure I can travel city-to-city through multiple countries by using the Eurail pass, and not needing to use local train cards like the NS system. 

Thank you for your help!


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But this cannot be the only trips to make-both DO and Sbg do not have good air connections to Canuck and this trip does not cover NL at all. In fact you could do these 3 trips very easy in 3 days, so 15 days would be way over the top. In fact these 3 trips will likely cost even less if you book advance and fixed (money lost if no show). Can all be done and checked via or

In DO you can see trains of at least 5, perhaps more, different train operators, but all long-dist are the sleek white with red stripe ICE or IC by DB=Deutsche Bahn. Your pass is good for ALL. But NOT on the for outsiders very similar looking and in a tunnel platform under the main station local metro-bahn of DSW=city transport (like the TTC would NOT be included and VIA yes). As perhaps you may need just that one to get to HTL (all DE cities have dozens of pretty good and fairly cheap HTLs on station forcourt or very nearby).

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I assure you the Eurail pass is usable in all the countries listed in the Eurail webpages on participating operators trains, which is the vast majority of European trains.

If trains pass borders they are included (but many high speed  and Inter City require reservations at an extra fee. There are though many regional/local trains across borders).

There is no limit to the number of trains you can board in a travel day (from 0000 to 2359 CET), nor how many countries in a day.

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Yes, the pass is valid on NS as it is on most railways across Europe. A full list by country is available on the main Eurail site and on the app.


Whether the pass or local tickets is better value for some or all of your travel is a matter of how much, when and where you are travelling.