Exchange pass for winter sale pass.

  • 22 December 2022
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Morning all, 

I noticed the 10% this morning and I just want to make sure that I’m correct with possibly swapping my pass for one of the sale passes. I currently hold a 5D/30D with plus.

I’m considering either keeping the 5D/30D or swapping for a 7D/30D.

If I’m correct, I would have to purchase the new pass, then ask for an exchange if upgrading to the 7D/30D pass? Would the same still apply if keeping the 5D/30D pass?

I also have a few reservations and as far I can tell, reservations are associated by name, therefore there should be any issues by changing passes. Am I correct?

Thanks again.


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I am baffled - you were talking about the difference in 5/1 and 7/1, in which case you would always need to pay more.

I assume you are calculating on a 5/1 exchange where you have to save over 25 euro to save any money at all. The highest possible saving on a 5/1 exchange is therefore 13 euro on an adult first class ticket. 



Thank you. I was looking at the plus fees as well and there would be $15 savings. If it weren't for the rail strikes, I would look to travel more. 

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Plus is indeed not reimbursed if you request a refund, but in my opinion it should be if you request an exchange. Otherwise plus adds less flexibility for exchanges (€15 fixed exchange fee + €24 plus "fee"). Still, not everything is logic, so maybe Interrail staff can confirm this?

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You would need to factor in the loss of the PLUS fee, which I understand is not reimbursed, if you request a refund.

Obviously if a 7 day pass is better for your plans you could take advantage of the sale, but you need to calculate that for yourself. I suspect the loss of PLUS fee will offset the 10% saving, especially if you purchase a new PLUS.