First Interrail trip - June/July 2024

  • 18 November 2023
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Planning our first Interrail trip commencing on 28 June 2024 for two weeks.  Initially we were looking at the 7 days within a month pass for €317 for a senior but have noticed that the promo 10 days within two months at €285 seems better value. 

This pass needs to be activated before 1 June 2024.  My question to more experienced travellers is that I am assuming that we can activate towards the end of May and then use it for our trip a month or so later.  I am also assuming that we can activate the pass without using it on a travel day.


It would be good to get reassurance that the above plan would work before pressing the button to buy the  pass.


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2 replies

Thanks for your reply. 

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Yes, you can activate it without using a travel day.

If you activate a 2 month pass on, say, 31 May, it will be valid until 30 July.