For the journeys I have reservations for I do not use travel days of my 5 day one month Pass?

  • 24 May 2022
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Hi this may sound dumb but I just want confirmation. 
I am planning a trip to Italy and have been using the interrail app to plan routes. I’ve noticed there are only 3 trains along my journey which require purchasing tickets… would these count as part of my 5 days ticket? If I book these reservations i

can travel the routes without using my interrail allowance? 

the remaining routes do not need seat reservations, are these journeys included in my 5-day pass and don’t require any extra payment?

Sorry to sound dumb, First time doing this!

thanks in advance!  


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On a travel day, you can use as many trains as you like. Whether or not they require a seat reservation does not matter, as long as you have one for the trains where it is mandatory. If a seat reservation is not mandatory, then you don't have to pay anything extra.

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This PASS IS your ticket-and only when a travelday has been activated, which should be rather self-evident. IF you ´forget´ to do this and controller comes along, you will be considered as ´back/fraudulent rider´ and can get fined according to rules of the country you are in at that time. As passholders certainly do have a solid reputation of trying to cheat often, they will have no mercy on you, the tipical (it seems is nearly always brits, unable to even grasp that other country=other custom) feigning ignorance will not help you-how could you otherwise even have come that far from this island?

Thank you for your replies, greatly appreciated! 
To put this into perspective I have my routes planned with 6 travel days, and 3 of these days require reserving which I am happy to do. 
what I am unsure of is whether these 3 days are inclusive in my 5 day pass when I am having to pay separately anyway? Or would these not count? That way I’d still have 5 travel days available on top of the 3 I am paying for… 
If they are included, will I need to review my route to just 5 days (to meet pass requirements) or shall I buy tickets for one additional day so my full route is covered? 
appreciate the guidance received and I’m sorry to sound dumb with this! I just want to get it right :) 

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The reservation is separate from the pass, which is your ticket. So if you  buy the reservations for the 3 days you will use 3 of your travel days.

You always have the possibility to purchase a ticket with a reservation for one of the days if you want to travel for 6 days. 

If you will be travelling domestically in Germany during the summer there is the 9 EUR ticket which could be interesting to save travel days.