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  • 2 October 2022
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We are due to travel in Europe on a two month pass. We are breaking the trip up because of family issues so have booked a trip around Scandinavia to start. This involves both the in and out uk journeys. 
Started planning the second trip to Poland. We are flying to Krakow and using the train from there. Tried putting in a train from krakow to Budapest but although it says ‘saved to trip’ when you look on trips it is not there. 
we have two passes and it is added on one but refuses to be added on the other. 
any reason why it will not show on trips and how do I move this on.



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  1. Please check if there are any app updates. Go to More and scroll to the bottom. If the app version is lower than 25.6.0, then update and try again.
  2. Do you have both passes on the same device or on different devices? If you have them on 1 device, you need to add a journey to all trips linked to the passes to be used. Each pass has its own trip.