How to validate the mobile pass ticket?

  • 31 July 2021
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If I am traveling with a 22 day (consecutive)  E pass that has already been activated--

I want to board a train from Amsterdam to Prague that does not require a reservation:  What do I have to do?  Can I just board the train?  Do I need to enter trip data before boarding?

Same question if seat reservation is required. What do I need to have on my phone at boarding?

Pass is 1st Class if that matters.

Thanks for the help, really excited to travel again, but this is the first trip with a pass, and it’s also multiple people.  Guessing when we arrive it will make more sense, but sitting in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s pretty confusing.


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You need to activate the pass first and for the activation, you need to create a Trip.

To travel, search your journey in the planner and add it to your trip and then add it to your pass. Then you'll have a valid ticket to travel.

If a reservation is required, you have to get a reservation obviously. You can get reservations from a ticket office, the operators’ websites (not all of them though), the rail planner app or the Eurail website (the latter 2 with a 2 EUR fee per seat). Reservations will not appear in the app; they're separate.

Also see the mobile pass FAQ:

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Thank you!  I thought I had deleted the post because immediately after putting it up I found the FAQ’s.  Should have been more thorough first, but there is a lot of info to process