I cannot find reservations for Brussels to Lyon

  • 12 March 2023
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Hello Friends,

Can you please help me for this connection I checked randomly many dates mostly even after 80 days it doesn't show available and it doesn't allow me to reserve seats, 

Can that happen it may open seats later ? 

As I checked there website seats are available If I book without my EU global rail pass, but I need to pay for only reservation via EU rail website that shows the below message.



2 replies

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You could consider a connection from Brussels to Lille and then a domestic TGV to Lyon.



There are about 6 direct trains a day from Lille to Lyon.

Just check whether a station change (about 15 mins walk) in Lille.

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This train has only 5 seats left (2nd class) as can be seen on SNCF's website. This is because it is the start of a holiday weekend and a lot of people will be travelling.


You'll need to take an earlier or later train and book asap.