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  • 8 May 2023
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I  am Jyoti, I was using my Eurail pass (one day) to travel to Amsterdam from Berlin. It's a monthly pass with 4 days travel with EU. You can activate the day you want to travel within the pass, the day you want to travel.


I added my journey yesterday from Berlin to Amsterdam via train ICE 140 i.e on 7th May 2023, departing at 16:05 from Berlin HBF. The train was cancelled on reaching Hannover HBF. Since, it was already very late i.e. around 21:00 once the train cancellation was informed and officially train was closed- I decided to return back to Berlin. I couldn't contact the customer service in Hannover since already around 100+ people were standing in line to collect a refund or stay in Hannover.



The reason I am am reaching out here is that in  my Eurail Pass - there is only 1 inbound and outbound journey for my home country. Since I used it yesterday on this train, I cannot use it anymore. So, I request to please let me know how to proceed in this manner?


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Please contact customer support to get back your travel day and inbound/outbound journey: