Inbound and Outbound journeys in other country

  • 24 January 2023
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Hi everyone !! 
Does someone know if it is compulsory to use our outbound/inbound journey from/to our country of residence or can we use them as a classic travel day to go in another country that isn't our country of residence ?
For example, I won the 7 days within 1 month pass and I live in france. So I used an outbound journey to start my trip. I used 5 classic travel days + 1 outbound (at the beginning) but i don't want to go back in France yet. Is it possible for me to use the last travel day not as an inbound journey to France but as a classic travel day to go in another country ? 
Thank you and have a nice day :))



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There is no problem at all to do like that. The outbound/inbound rule only gives you the possibility to travel on a maximum of two travel days in your country of residence. You don't have to use those days in your home country. 

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Yu can also f.e. make a long trip to end somewhere in Turkey or Finland and fly back (at own expense of course).

thanks a lot ! 

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To confirm Mcadv you can indeed do one way trips and even do 2 journeys in the same direction with a mobile pass. I did two fly out and rail back with a 10 day in 2 months pass.