Interrail Global Pass- inbound/outbound rule for trip and reservations needed for kids?


      I am planning to purchase an Interrail global Pass (4D) for my first ever trip with interrail. a few personal details are as follows.


Planned Pass Type:  Interrail Global (as whole family have German visas) - 4 Days in a month

Family/ travelers:   Me, my wife, 8yrs (son), 6yrs(daughter) & 2yrs(son).  total 5 people

Current location: Berlin, Germany


Tentative Trip Details:

        a - Berlin to Mannheim 13.08.2022

        b- Mannheim to Paris  17.08.2022

        c- Paris to Cologne  19.08.2022

        d - Cologne to Berlin 20.08.2022



Q1:  Since my country of residence is Germany,  I am confused as if for 4-Days global pass would be right choice for above mentioned itinerary. ?   i mean specifically talking about “inbound/outbound within country of residence” rule. 

Q2:  For Mannheim, Germany to  Paris, France leg and return leg, seat reservations are mandatory, but do I have to make seat reservations for adults only ? or for all kids (8,6,2 yrs)  also?


Your valuable feedback is highly desired! and of course, thanks in advance for taking time :)










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I would say that with Europa Sparpreis Tickets via Deutsche Bahn you will be cheaper as you will face a problem with the outbound rule: you use that already on day one until Mannheim. So for the second trip you would need an extra ticket until France…

same for the Cologne to Berlin trip on your inbound. There you will also need an extra ticket.

Including reservation fees, you will very likely make the trip cheaper without Interrail in this case. If you have Twitter, go to Twitter Zugreisebüro group and ask there about best ticket options. There are some experts for this routes. 

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Ausserdem: gerade P->K mit diese Thalys kostet sehr viel extra in supplmt beim pass-30 oder 35€.. Eine Sparpreis im off-season, nicht heuer, kostet etwa ebenso viel.

Je nach Sparwunsch koennte mann mit 9€ die DE strecken überwinden-das geht langsam und wird übervoll sein (wie ich selber vor 1 st mt erleben dürfte). Aber das wird mann schon wissen

Kinder die zahlen (wenn auch halbpreis) dürfen 1 sitz REServ, die ohne (2 J) muss mann bei vollbesetzt selber im Schoss setzen.

Es ist bestimmt bei diese Plaene sehr viel besser bloss Sparpreise zu buchen.