Is the Eurail pass valid for 10 destination so 10 train rides in 2 months?

  • 28 November 2021
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I would like to know if Iunderstand this correctly. I know it's lockdown in eu. This is for future reference only. The Eurail pass that costs more than €300 is good for 10 destinations within 2 months, right?This means that I can travel/ride the train 10x regardless of my destination in eu as long as it's within 2 months. For example, I'm coming from Italy. I'd like to go to Vienna and stay there for a while. That is 1 travel, right?


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The Eurail pass doesn't count in "destinations” or "travels” but in travel days. On a travel day, you can travel as much as you like with the trains that are covered by the pass.

10 days within 2 months is currently 401 EUR or a bit less of there's a special offer (like now). You can use these 10 travel days within a period of 2 months that you choose yourself (e.g. 10 March until 9 May). For the mobile pass, you have to choose the first day of validity within 11 months after buying the pass.

Also see the Eurail mobile FAQ.

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As a bonus you can even use any overnight train (there are not that many left and most will require an extra fee for the reservation-more for bedding space) that leaves same day.

F.e. from Roma: make a daytrip in the day to Napoli, store luggage at station, book before space in the overnight to Wien/Vienna-and its all 1 travelday.