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I got to know how regional trains save our money . Do we have such options to book from Milano to Venice( reservation free )  and other places ?


it showed me 15Euros to book seats . If seat reservation mandatory I need to book on to avoid booking fees or any other websites ?


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You can check timetables on or (you can filter trains requiring seat reservations too).

Seat reservations in Italy :

- Frecciarossa 13€

- IC trains 3€

Eurail shows 15€ because they add 2€ booking fee. Please use yes (no fee).

Those trains can be avoided by taking reservation-free regional trains but they take longer.

- Milan - Florence : 1h54 (13€) or 4h30 (3€)

- Milan - Pisa : 6h instead of 3h15 (13€ via Florence) or 4h30 (3€ direct)

- Milan - Venice : 4h25 instead of 2h30 (13€)


I looked for roundtrip option on but haven’t found. but can see round trip options on without euro rail discount option.


sorry for too many questions but wanted to know before purchasing tickets.


Thanks in advance!

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you search for normal tickets at, than it asks One way ticket or seat only. You have to choose ONE WAY TICKET! and than add Interrail/Eurail as discount.

Tell us if you got it.