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  • 5 December 2021
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Hey guys,

I'm currently traveling France but unfortunately my phone just broke down. So I would need to transfer my mobile pass to another phone to continue. As I'm in the middle of a day of train traveling and I really need to reach my final destination today i would need help ASAP. Tried all sorts of things already with the costumer service but nothing worked so far. Can anyone help me with that or give me an advice what to do? 

Thanks in advance,



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you can write them on Facebook or send an email to get your pass on another device.

hope it helps you ✌🏻

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What did you try then with customer service? They are they only ones who can transfer your pass to another phone. I'm not sure if they work during the weekend but the best thing to do is to file a request if you haven't done that yet.

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Hi @Tim, I see one of our Customer Support agents, Abbine, replied to your message on Monday informing you that your Pass has been unregistered from your device. You should be able to connect it to another device. If you are still experiencing issues, do let me know. Cheers