My paper pass didn't bring maps or wristbands



I have just received my interrail tickets by mail, however I have not received either the maps or the wristbands.

I would like to know what should I do to receive the complete package?

I'm from Lisbon, Portugal and I´m wondering if I can go to Santa Apolónia station to receive the rest of my order.

I really want the bracelets and maps and I was very sad to see they weren't inside the envelope.


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Bom dia.

Maps/brochures have not been printed since 2-3 yrs and there is simply nothing with the new symbols that recently changed. Where did you see that this would be given as extra gift? I´am afraid its a very old text that -like so many-has never been looked after and checked for actual situation now-that passes are sold online and as mobile.

Of course you can try at S Apo-or even Orientes, but be prepared also for disappointment. Only if they never have thrown away the old stock, but no idea how fast CP is in these things. I moved home some time ago and the stuff I had also thrown away as new house is smaller, so cannot help you.

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I saw that Influencer that get Interrail for free gets maps and gifts with the new Interrail logo.