No one responding my requests on support

I opened a request on support on April 18, received the request email, but until now (May 2) no one replied to me. What is happening, what is EU Rail effective support channel actually?

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They were flooded with requests from the beginning of April, have in the mean time hired extra staff and are (hopefully) now catching up. My non-urgent request from 5 April was answered today.

You could also ask your question here.

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Having followed this forum some monthes-and having used some 20+ different INterRails throughout the years (having one right now too) and having travelled in all EUR countries-where possible also by train-it seems some 99% of common newbee questions etc are all the same and already answered on this forum too-many times same thing over. Rian& the other regulars like Angelo never tire to tell the same all the times again.

Only things very specific to settings of the app must be done via that centre. This as such is brandnew-as in the past when ther were paper passes-the various railways themselves were those to help you out-and they still should/could do that for travel questions