Oldenburg to Bolzano within 2 days

  • 1 August 2023
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We want to travel from Oldenburg to Bolzano starting in the evening at 8.35pm. We have to leave the train in Hanover at 10.38pm. Next train would be 0.03am to Munich. Its clear that this counts for two travelling days, but does this also count as two rides inside germany? We aren't sure because its still our outbound. Otherwise we have a problem because on our return we also have to travel from Innsbruck to Munich and according the restrictions we are only allowed to travel one time from Germany abroad and one time back to Germany. Do we have a problem here? 

We have 4 days within one month.

Thanks for your support


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5 replies

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Yes this would count as 2 inbound/outbound days. You generally have 2 days but maybe you have 3 (trial from Interrail). Activate your pass for a date in September, October,... and see what you get.

The easy solution would be to buy a ticket to Hannover or to use your Deutschlandticket if you have it.

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Yes, that are 2 travel days within Germany. But the train at 20:35 from Oldenburg to Hannover is a regional train (RE1), so you can use a Niedersachsen-ticket: €25 for the first person, €6 for the second person, €5 for the 3th, 4th and 5th person.

Thanks for your replies, a little bit strange because it's one journey with two changes. Nevertheless I think we make it like you mentioned, maybe some of us will have this trial, otherwise Niedersachsenticket.


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The pass works by days (00:00 - 23:59), not by journeys. On a pass day you can board 1 or 20 trains, it doesn't matter.

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You have 2 travel days in your country of residence, not 2 journeys over several days. You need to plan your schedule so that you manage to leave your country only boarding trains during one day and the same for your return.