One Country Pass UK - Was able to make reservations on Eurostar Bxl-London but still confused

  • 25 October 2023
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I’m very confused.

I bought a UK One Country Pass and successfully made seat reservations for the Eurostar. Now I read on several websites only a Global Pass can travel with Eurostar.


Should I worry? Will the train attendant check my pass and make me pay the full price for the ride, even when I successfully made a reservation with the pass?


Also confused about the possibility of swapping to a Global Pass → is this even possible with a booked reservation linked to my current pass?


Many thanks for the help, quite panicking right now 😅





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Your one country pass is only valid in the UK - it’s not valid on the Eurostar.

There’s nothing to stop me buying a reservation on the Eurostar for next week, even though I don’t yet have a valid railpass. But you should expect to be asked to show a valid railpass at check in. Otherwise you are attempting to travel without a ticket.

You can cancel your one country pass if you haven’t activated it yet, and get a Global pass instead - I believe the fee is €15.

The existing reservation will be valid with a new pass - it’s not linked in any way to your existing pass.

@ralderton many thanks!! Will exchange for a global pass now. It’s a pity it never was clearly explained but luckily I discovered it before stepping in the Eurostar...